What are R&D tax credits?

About the R&D tax credit scheme
and how it benefits your company

The R&D tax credit scheme is a UK Government initiative used to reward companies that carry out innovative projects and activities.

A qualifying company can make an R&D claim every financial year (and retrospectively for 2 years) and receive a payout that is calculated as portion of the amount it hasspent on innovative activities - their R&D expenditure.

Almost any type of company can make a R&D tax credit claim, providing the activities used to claim meet the government's criteria for being innovative. The two main criteria are the 'advancement of knowledge' and 'resolution of technical uncertainty'.

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The scope of qualifying activities can include product development, process improvements, testing, experimentation, software development and many others.

R&D expenditure can include staff salaries, pensions contributions, subcontractor costs, consumables, components for prototypes and software licenses.

Find out more about how your company could benefit from the R&D Tax Credit scheme below.


  • Is my company eligible for R&D tax credits?

    Is my company eligible for R&D tax credits?

    The government’s criteria for what projects qualify for R&D claims is broad. The project (which can take place in almost any sector) should advance knowledge in the field through ‘resolution of a technological or scientific uncertainty’.

    We bring our expertise to bear by applying these dry rules to the real-life activities of your business so that you claim everything allowable under the legislation, while not including anything that is not allowed.

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  • How much can my company claim?

    How much can my company claim?

    Your claim amount could be as high as 33.35% of your R&D expenditure. The final amount will depend on a number of factors including: The amount invested in qualifying activities, whether you are profitable or loss-making and other factors.

    As one of our clients, you will benefit from our team’s in-depth expertise in getting the most value from your R&D claim.

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  • How do I claim?

    How do I claim?

    The first step towards claiming R&D Tax credits is to confirm whether your company qualifies. We can answer this through a brief phone consultation at no obligation to you.

    Our tried-and-tested claim process will maximise the value of your claim and eliminate any risk of the HMRC querying or penalising you for claiming incorrectly. Contact us to book a free eligibility consultation.

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