R&D Tax Credit Calculator

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  • Does your business employ less than 500 people and turnover less than £75 million?

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  • Is my company eligible for R&D tax claim relief?

    Is my company eligible for R&D tax claim relief?

    The government’s criteria for what projects qualify for R&D claims is broad. The project (which can take place in almost any sector) should advance knowledge in the field through ‘resolution of a technological or scientific uncertainty’.

    In layman’s terms: do something clever to solve a technical problem.

    We bring our expertise to bear by applying these dry rules to the real-life activities of your business so that you claim everything allowable under the legislation, while not including anything that is not allowed.

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  • How do I claim R&D tax relief?

    How do I claim R&D tax relief?

    The first step towards claiming R&D tax credits is to confirm whether your company qualifies. We can answer this through a brief phone consultation at no obligation to you.

    Our tried-and-tested claim process will maximise the value of your claim and eliminate any risk of the HMRC querying or penalising you for claiming incorrectly.

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