BioFuel & Anaerobic Digestion

R&D Tax Relief for BioFuel & Anaerobic Digestion

Many developments in the field of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) qualify for R&D tax Credits.

At a first glance, R&D for AD may appear to relate to innovation in scientific research. However due to the broad definition of what qualifies as R&D, the overwhelming majority of our clients’ R&D tax relief claims in this sector have been for the development of new or improved processes, products and technologies.

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Are you eligible for R&D tax relief?

  • Does your business employ less than 500 people and turnover less than £75 million?

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The R&D tax relief scheme is highly-relevant to the AD and bio-fuel sectors and your company may be able to claim up to 33.35% of your development costs for the past 3 years. This includes testing, experimentation, product development and process improvement. If your AD or bio-fuel company pays UK corporation tax, you can potentially be making a claim every year going forward.

Our staff combine industry know-how and technology backgrounds with the practical experience of compiling R&D claims.  We prepare your R&D claim using our repeatable, rigorous and robust process to produce high-quality supporting documentation for HMRC.

We work with you to obtain the maximum benefit for your business. We have an unbeatable 100% success rate in claims accepted by HMRC, and work entirely on a no-win no-fee basis meaning that you don’t pay a penny until you receive your benefit.

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Find out how much you could claim with our R&D tax credit calculator.

Did you know?

  • The R&D tax credit scheme is highly-relevant to Biofuel and Anaerobic Digestion companies

  • The annual amount claimed in this sector is currently £535 million

  • The average R&D claim amount in this sector is £130,000

  • It's estimated that R&D tax claims can get SME's an average tax reductions of 240% for qualifying projects