About Innovation Plus

The R&D tax credit experts successfully managing relief claims since 2009

Innovation Plus is a specliast advisory firm providing expert assistance to companies with their R&D tax credit claims. We also work with accountants and accounting firms who need additional expertise in this specialist area.

Our aim is to maximise the value of your company's R&D tax credit claim to the extent allowed by the legislation, while minimising the time and effort that you and your team will need to invest in the process.

Our Story

In 2009, Micah Levy, a senior R&D Tax Credits specialist at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms formed Innovation Plus with the aim of helping innovative UK companies benefit from the R&D regime and giving them all the benefits of top-quality service and expert advice, without hefty up-front costs.

His experience in successfully managing high-value, complex R&D claims since 2003 enabled Innovation Plus to maintain an exceptionally high success rate that spans thousands of claims.

This track-record and our culture of providing the highest levels of service to our clients, has positioned Innovation Plus among the UK’s leading R&D tax companies. Our firm now includes engineers, developers and finance experts who are able to get your company the most value from your R&D tax credit claim. Read some of our success stories here.

Our Clients

Our clients operate in a wide range of sectors and vary in size from small start-ups to listed multi-nationals. Our proven process ensures that your company will get the maximum value from your R&D claim regardless of your company’s size and revenue.

If you would like to speak one of our clients that operates in your sector, we would be glad to provide a reference and their contact details. Contact us to arrange this.

Our Team

As well as being R&D tax experts, our staff are experienced technologists with with a wealth of expertise in managing all aspects of preparing and filing a claim in their respective specialist sector.

We see our people as our biggest asset and have fostered a culture of ongoing training and development so that our team stays up-to-date on both the latest technology and any legislative developments related to R&D tax.

Over the years we have also developed an excellent professional relationship with the HMRC specialist units who process and approve R&D claims.

Why choose Innovation Plus?

  • High success rate and low enquiry rate for R&D tax relief claims
  • Proven process to maximise the value of your claim
  • Experienced experts to minimise risk and hassle
  • You only pay us if we are successful in getting you tax relief