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One of the key elements of the R&D scheme is that as part of the broader self-assessment regime, it relies on the claimants understanding the nuances of the scheme in order to assess which projects are eligible as R&D and furthermore, within each project, which activities can be claimed for. This may be a tall order for the technology teams of many companies who may understand proteins, shock absorbers, or algorithm design in detail but have no knowledge of the legislation on what qualifies as R&D.

We can provide training tailored for your company’s science or technology specialty, that allows your technology staff who in the words of the legislation are the ‘competent professionals’ to make informed judgements that will determine the size of your claim.

We can also provide you with more general training if you would like to prepare your R&D claim in-house and are not sure where to start.

We have a variety of training delivery methods, including on-line and in person. Please contact us for more information or book now below.

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