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Making an R&D Tax Claim with Innovation Plus

We help businesses of all sizes grow and improve their cash flow by assisting them in claiming R&D Tax Relief. Every claim is reviewed by specialists at an early stage in our process to ensure eligibility and if we determine that your work doesn’t qualify, you pay nothing.

We have a rigorous and repeatable process that we combine with high quality claim documentation to ensure companies claim the maximum allowable under the legislation and minimises the likelihood of HMRC enquiries.

  1. We maximise R&D claims by combining technology and tax expertise
  2. Our clients benefit by up to 33% of R&D expenditure
  3. We work on a No-Win No-Fee basis and have a 100% success rate
  4. Our client base ranges from start-ups to multi-nationals

Our goal is to ensure you get the maximum benefit allowed by the R&D Tax Relief scheme with the minimum effort. Our robust and rigorous technology-driven process ensures that we are able to identify your maximum R&D claim – we don’t simply ask you how much R&D you think you have.

Our Level of Service

Our existing clients range from banks to start-ups. We value each client and treat each claim that we deal with as a project in its own right, and whether you are a bank or a start-up, one of our directors will be assigned to you as your main point of contact throughout the claim process. You will always be able to call a single person who will have full oversight and knowledge of your claim process at any point. We know that in many cases R&D relief can be an important element of a company’s cashflow and we work diligently and efficiently to secure your repayment.

Process Overview

We break each project down into an initial assessment phase which is followed by the detailed claim preparation. If once we carry out an initial assessment of your R&D activities, we determine that it is not worthwhile to proceed, such as for example, if your R&D work does not qualify under the legislation, we stop and there is absolutely no cost to your company.

Once we proceed past the initial assessment stage, our process splits into technology and financial streams. We interview your key technology staff to understand the nature of their work and guide them in determining which areas are eligible for R&D tax relief and to what extent.

In parallel with this, we work with you to extract your financial data and perform a mapping exercise from the financial aspects to the technology aspects, to quantify the eligible parts of your R&D projects.

Both the technology qualification and financial quantification get combined into a R&D Project support pack that shows both why every item claimed for is justifiable under the legislation, as well as the detailed process that has been followed in making the claim. Following your review and approval, this gets sent to HMRC whom we liaise with to ensure that the claim is paid promptly.

+ How much is it going to cost me?

We work entirely on a no-win no-fee basis with no up-front fees. We do everything to ensure you claim the maximum allowed under the legislation, from obtaining the supporting technical information from your staff to preparing calculations and liaising with HMRC if needed. We charge a percentage of the successful claim, payable on agreement of the claim by HMRC.

+ How much time will it take me?

Using our proven R&D tax claim preparation methodology we minimise the involvement of your staff. We typically need only a couple of hours with your technical staff in order to understand and document the technical work performed.

+ What ongoing support do you give?

As well as obviously providing full support on the claims we prepare, as we typically have ongoing multi-year arrangements with our clients, they are always able to call us for a discussion on their business issues that may affect their R&D tax claim. For example, if they are considering commencing a new project, taking on extra staff or contractors or opening new offices or plants to carry out R&D these are all potentially areas where the groundwork can be laid in advance to ensure that the subsequent years’ claims are maximised.

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