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Mar 03 2017

The Top 5 Sectors for Claiming R & D Tax Credits

Although awareness of the R & D tax credit scheme has grown in recent years, there are still many companies who mistakenly believe that their company or sector does not qualify to make an R & D claim. In reality the government’s definition of a qualifying R & D activity is actually quite broad. With […]... read more »

Feb 16 2017

Our thoughts on how Brexit will affect the R & D Tax Credit Scheme

Now that the country has had about 7 or so months to dust itself off from a Brexit vote outcome that took many by surprise, UK technology companies are wondering how the economy and their own balance sheets will be affected as the UK untangles itself from EU legislation, for better or for worse. So […]... read more »

Nov 29 2016

UK government to boost R & D funding

Last week, Theresa May announced the government’s plans to invigorate research and development in UK companies by spending an extra £2 billion per year by 2020-2021 on R & D funding and grants. Speaking at the CBI’s (Confederation for British Industry) Annual Conference, the Prime Minister announced the additional spending as part of the government’s […]... read more »

Jul 24 2015

R&D Expenditure Credits

The R&D Expenditure Credit ( also known as RDEC or the above-the-line scheme)  was introduced for qualifying R&D expenditure incurred on or after 1 April 2013 and is a direct replacement for the R&D Large Company Scheme which was introduced in 2002. In the UK there are currently two schemes in operation, one for SMEs […]... read more »

Jul 16 2015

R&D Tax Credits Qualifying Expenditure

R&D Tax Credits Qualifying Expenditure is expenditure incurred for the purposes of carrying out R&D, directly contributes to the resolution of  technological uncertainty or is a Qualifying Indirect activity, and falls into one of a number of categories. 1. Staff Costs – the gross costs of permanent employees can be included in a claim to the extent […]... read more »

Jul 09 2015

R&D Tax Credits 2015

R&D Tax Credits will be significantly affected by the 2015 Summer Budget. Although the R&D Tax Relief scheme has benefited in recent years from a steady increase in rates, both for the SME scheme and through the introduction of the R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC) or Above-the-Line system for large companies, the headline rate will be somewhat eroded by the announced […]... read more »

Jul 07 2015

Business Funding

While business funding is always in demand, tax very often has negative connotations because of the complex processes surrounding its rules and regulations but for businesses that want to utilise every advantage available, it’s probably time to completely change the mind-set.   Tax should be nothing to fear and quite the opposite in fact – […]... read more »

May 04 2015

R&D Tax Credit Enhancement and Surrender Rates

The R&D Tax Relief scheme has had many changes in the past 5 years, and it is often challenging to know which rates apply in particular periods, or what the benefit is. The table below shows the different enhancement and surrender rates that applied within the past 5 years, and additionally, the benefit for a […]... read more »

Feb 24 2015

R&D Tax Credit Expenses

Can We Claim for R&D Tax Credit Expenses is a question we often hear. By this, we mean expenses that are incurred on R&D by employees for things like travel and subsistence. Traditionally, the rule has been that if they are paid by the company then they cannot be included in the R&D claim as they do […]... read more »

Jan 08 2015

SME Tax Incentives for 2015

The key SME tax incentives available to UK-based SME’s in 2015, are shown here:... read more »