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R&D Tax Credits for Cleantech Companies

Clean technology is an area for technological pioneers, where plenty of time and money is spent in development. Claiming R&D Tax Credits can help your cleantech company reclaim some of that money spent on time and materials. Your company can receive a valuable cash benefit for technological research and development resulting in some advance either in the form of new capabilities or new knowledge.

R&D Tax relief is a valuable benefit to many organisations but while it conjures up images of men in white lab-coats, it is not often realised that design and implementation of environmental solutions- often with labs comprising engineers working with mud and soil-  can often qualify for this relief.

The reality today is that many companies developing environmental solutions cannot simply use off-the-shelf technology and have to experiment in real-world environments to determine, for example, optimal water levels, growth mediums, minimise wastage and maximise water use.


Some of your environmental initiatives may involve the implementation of Clean Technologies, such as: recycling, water purification, sewage treatment, environmental remediation, flue gas treatment, solid waste management, and renewable energy.

The laboratory in many situations can comprise large outdoor testbeds, and there are a number of areas where we have successfully helped companies claim for solutions they have developed or integrated, including for grey water systems, hydroponics, irrigation solutions, more efficient drainage and green walls.

Additionally, as experimentation in this area can be quite labour-intensive there is usually a broad cost base that can qualify, which can include, for example, labourers.

Innovation Plus have helped many companies in the Cleantech sector make successful R&D tax credit claims and are preferred suppliers of R&D tax advice to members of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association.

R&D Tax Credits

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