We offer an unrivalled expert service for managing R&D Tax Relief claims. | Innovation Plus

We offer an unrivalled expert service for managing R&D Tax Relief claims.

We currently comprise a team of 5 people, having started as a boutique specialising in R&D Tax Relief in 2009. We comprise both R&D tax experts, and technology experts.

Since our start we have achieved a 100% success rate and 0 HMRC enquiries on more than 100 claims. 

Our clients range from small start-ups to listed multi-nationals. Our largest claim is for over £20m of R&D expenditure.

Our staff have extensive prior Big-4 experience in preparing R&D tax claims going as far back as 2003, with one of our directors having handled over 500 R&D claims worth more than £800m since that time.

We comprise both technologists and R&D Tax experts and our results speak for themselves.

Full references and testimonials are always available on request.

We offer

  • Expert R&D tax advice equivalent to going to a Big 4 Accounting firm, but without the huge costs.
  • personal level of service with a single point of contact throughout your entire claim
  • Technology expertise in a number of fields of science and technology. We have particular expertise in software R&D tax claims and in particular have dealt with a number of cases where clients have been told by other firms of advisers that there was no claim and where we have subsequently obtained six-figure amounts for them.
  • A 100% success rate. Not only on the number of claims that we have assisted with but also on the individual claim amounts. The reason for this is simple- we tell clients at an early stage if we do not believe their work is eligible and we don’t submit claims that cannot be robustly shown to fall within the qualifying criteria.
  • Genuine testimonials and recommendations from a host of satisfied clients.
  • proven process and deep technology understanding that allows us to assist our clients in maximising their claim for all eligible R&D activities and ensuring that no ineligible claims are made. With the potential for 33% fines for carelessness, many companies are no longer taking the risk that they will claim for ineligible activities or costs.
  • collaborative approach with you during the entire R&D claim process from beginning to end, liaising with HMRC on your behalf and assisting you in any meetings with them that may be necessary.