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About Innovation Plus

Innovation Plus is a boutique advisory firm providing expert assistance to companies with their R&D tax credit claims as well as to accounting firms who need additional expertise in this specialist area. We currently comprise a team of 5 whose aim is to ensure R&D tax relief claims are maximised and who have successfully been managing R&D Tax Relief claims since 2003.

While we have assisted clients in many sectors, we are particularly adept with complex software R&D claims. Innovation Plus have successfully assisted companies in hundreds of R&D tax claims and one of our directors authored the software training course that was provided by Intellect and the Big 4 accounting firms to the inspectors of the HMRC specialist R&D units on how to handle software R&D claims.

Our clients range in size from listed multi-nationals to start-ups, and include a broad range of sectors, including software, manufacturing, cleantech, biotech and banking. The largest claim for a single client that Innovation Plus have handled is for more than £50m of eligible R&D expenditure. We are experts in developing and agreeing methodologies with HMRC that allow complex R&D tax relief claims.

We are also well aware of the problems that many small businesses have had in claiming the relief and are particularly keen on helping small companies and startups with a high quality expert service.

As well as being R&D Tax experts, our staff are experienced technologists with years of Big 4 experience and together have been responsible for assisting companies with over 800 million pounds of R&D claims. The sizes of claims they have dealt with range from start-ups to global giants and they bring extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of preparing and filing a claim, as well as in dealing with HMRC and negotiating settlements with them.

We have had articles published in Finance Director magazine and authored the CCH Tax Digest ‘A Practical Guide to Tax Relief for R&D Expenditure’.